Ask Us a Question or Request a Training

Please fill out this form if you are a reproductive health, rights, or justice advocate (for example: doula, abortion funder, hotline manager, medical care provider, lawyer, law student, etc.) and have questions about self-managed abortion and the law. We can provide you with technical assistance or training, depending on your need. 

If you have an urgent request involving an arrest or police investigation related to a self-managed abortion, please contact us through our Repro Legal Helpline contact form or call and leave us a message at 1-844-868-2812.

If you do not have Signal, you must choose another way for us to reach you. Signal is a free and secure messaging app. You must have the Signal app for us to message you via Signal. Please download Signal before submitting your question if you wish for us to respond to you via Signal. Learn more at .

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