Before making any decisions about the care you need or the legal questions you may have, it is important to confirm that you are actually pregnant. 

You can do that at home with a urine test bought from a local drug store or by getting a pregnancy test from a medical provider. You can find a medical provider by visiting to find a clinic near you. You can also find a map of abortion clinics in by clicking on your state on the JB Wiki Map.

e.g. Do you need an abortion and cannot or do not want to tell your parents? Do you need to be connected to a lawyer in your state?
When it comes to abortion, some laws affect legal minors specifically, and the age at which you are considered to be a minor can vary by state and by law. This means the answer to your question may depend on your age. We respond to people of all ages, and ask for your age to be able to give you the most accurate information.
e.g. Dallas
e.g. Texas (We are based in the U.S. and can only answer questions related to U.S. laws.)
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